Industrial Hygiene Programs

Industrial Noise:

Is your workplace noisy enough that you offer hearing protection? Do your employees experience noise that you could say is as loud as a push lawn mower? Has your evaluation consisted of eight-hour measurements? We provide:

  • Sound measuring and surveys
  • Noise control programs
  • Hearing conservation programs

Chemical Hazard Evaluation and Reduction:

Does your chemical safety program include a thorough evaluation of chemicals and their effect on your employees? Many times these exposures can be controlled through simple control techniques? Do you believe employees may inhale or have skin contact with chemicals? Some areas in which we can assist you are:

  • Air Sampling (Area and Personal)
  • Exposure control techniques (Ventilation)
  • Respiratory Programs including Respirator Fit Testing (Qualitative and Quantitative)

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

  • Workplace assessments and air sampling.
  • Workplace IAQ Programs (to help identify and control problems)