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Toxic Release Information-Form R Submission Reporting deadlines for the Toxic Release Inventory

(Form R) Reporting, must be received by June 30th.

We have completed over 20 for Ready Mix facilities in Kansas and Missouri and just wanted to let you know that although nearly every ready mix facility will meet this requirement, the June 30th deadline can be misleading, particularly for a facility that has never completed the report. It can take several weeks at the best of times and with limited EPA staffing and problems with internet connections, the EPA has put a statement on their system that is warning about excessive delays in processing.

We have a pretty basic spreadsheet that we developed for use in determining the reporting thresholds.

If you can gather the basic information, we would be happy to tell you what facilities must prepare the report. We prepare over 35 reports for a variety of companies each year.

We just ask for numbers on a few products.

The system shuts down on 30th of June and does not reopen until July 15. They use this time to notify companies that did not submit their 2019 reports. The letter asks for a reason along with a hefty fine. Let us help you with this, we make life better! #environment

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